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For those who don’t know what a “Cuaima” is, allow me to share some definitions.

According to the Urban Dictionary (

1. cuaima  
In Venezuela (spanish), a very poisonous snake, also the wife or women in general.
“Be careful, there are ‘cuaimas’ in this area”. “How is your cuaima (your wife)”.  “The cuaimas are having a meeting (women are chatting)”
2. cuaima  
The nickname of an aggressive poisonous snake, Bothrops lanceolatus. Also, used in slang to define a very jealous and impulsive woman.
“There comes your cuaima dude”.


Wikibooks ( defines “Cuaima” as a slang word originating in Venezuela. It means “Jealous/ Ill tempered woman”. However its literal translation is “Viper”.

With this said, Cuaima’s closest English translation would be “Bitch”. Now, in English you would/should not say “How is your ‘bitch’ dude?” as the above definition states. That would be inappropriate. Yet, name one single man that after a fight with his wife/girlfriend/lover has not said OR thought “What a ‘bitch’!”. 

In light of this, it is important to add that although Bitch and Cuaima can be used in similar contexts, Bitch has a much more negative connotation and it is actually a swear word. Cuaima is not. Furthermore, the term Cuaima is mostly used in a funny setting. This fact softens its viperous true meaning and allows venezuelan women to embrace it, live up to it, and get creative with it.  

I was raised in a Cuaima Nest (mom, 3 sisters, and myself), which makes me a subject matter expert in the topic. Cuaimas of the world, we own this space!


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